15 K Kutupayısı Village Run

The 15.16 km long village run will be run between Yeşilyurt and Adatepe villages, the region where culture tourism is most concentrated. The race will take place in the pearl of the Aegean between these 2 beautiful villages and is designed as a trail run. As each point will be marked there will be little to no risk to get lost. Compared to race distance there is an altitude gain of about 640 meters and we can say it will be sweet tough. The time limit is 3 hours and the race must be completed within this time. Running alongside the olive gardens and the view of Edremit will add another kind of peace. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

We already wish all participants SUCCESS.

 StationDistance (Km)Distance of
other station (Km)
Start Yeşilyurt -- 15.16 -- --
Bitiş Adatepe 15.16 -- 3 Hours Water, Fruit, Cracker, Chocolate, Coke, Mineral Water, Lemon, Tea, Soup, Doctor


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