Places to See

The Ida Mountains National Park, waterfalls, olive gardens, historic villages, waterfalls, places where local stories are told, endemic plant species and clear sea make it possible to attract people of all ages.

We highly recommend you to visit every corner of the Kaz Mountains, the second largest oxygen source in the world but you will already see a large majority of them running.

  • Yeşilyurt Village
  • Adatepe Village
  • Küçükkuyu
  • Altınoluk
  • Assos Antik City
  • Zeus Altar
  • Şahindere Canyon
  • Tahtakuşlar Town
  • Güre Hot Springs
  • Sarıkız Tomb
  • Hasan Boğuldu (Drowned)
  • Ida Mountains National Park
  • Sutüven Waterfall
  • Mıhlı River
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