Reasons for disqualification and penalties

  • Competitor not Fit enough can be removed from the race by the referee.
  • Competitor who starts the race with a walking baton cannot leave the baton at a check point. If you do, you will be punished with a 30-minute time penalty.
  • If you get out of the marked tracks or make a short cut, you will be punished with a 30-minute time penalty.
  • If you disrespect other competitors before or during the race, you will be punished with a 30-minute time penalty.
  • Acting in a way that will put the health of other competitors in danger, is reason for disqualification depending on the decision of the referee.
  • Failing to comply with the judge, referee, doctor's decision is a reason for disqualification.
  • Competitors who throw garbage into the area or damage the nature are penalized with time penalty. Ida Mountains Ultra Marathon is a contest organization that is sensitive to the environment and protects the environment.
  • Not helping another competitor who needs help will be punished with a 30-minute time penalty.
  • Competitors who do not have the mandatory materials will definitely not be included in the race.
  • Getting external support, making someone outside the race carry your material, will be warned with a 30 minute time penalty and disqualified if repeated.
  • Ida Mountains National Park is a leading national park and in case of any damage to the environment beside disqualification, a lawsuit can be filed against you.

Ida Mountains Ultra Marathon disclaimer and acceptance statement

  • The person who completes the race in the shortest time wins.
  • Bust numbers must always be visible.
  • The race starts at the indicated time and all together.
  • It is forbidden to change the course.
  • No prize is awarded for the race; everyone who completes the race will be given a medal.

In such organizations, the implementation of the penal system is linked to respect for the person, the environment and the organization, and the rules will be strictly enforced.

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