Ida Mountains

Kaz Dağları PatikaThe Ida Mountain or Ida Mountains, named in two forms, stretch to a large extent on the Biga Peninsula. Mount Ida, Dede Mountain in the west, the actual Ida Mountain in the middle with its three hills (Babadağ in the north, Karataş hill in the middle, Sarıkız hill in the south), Eybek Mountain in the east, Gürgen Mountain in the north-east and Mount Kocakatran in the north-east.

The highest peak of the Ida Mountain, with its three hills, is the Karatas hill which is at 1774 meters and falls North West direction of the town of Güre in Erdemit a county of Balıkesir. The Ayazma promenade wich is in the Çanakkale's Bayramic district falls North West of the summit of the Ida Mountain. To reach the resort you have to follow the Evciler route from Bayramiç for 17km and continue after Evciler for 6 more km.

The most important center in the region is Küçükkuyu connected to the Ayvacık district of ÇANAKKALE and Altınoluk connected to the Edremit district of Balıkesir.

The Ida Mountain area is covered with forests to a great extent and the settlement is quite clear. The forests on the upper slopes mainly consist of an endemic fern subspecies, which is mainly grown in Kazdağı in Turkey. In the northern slope of the mountain, oak and some maki elements are seen in the lower parts. As you ascend, oak-chestnut-hornbeam oak-larch appears. Fagus also forms an important part of the Ida Mountain plant cover. After about 600-700 m altitude, beautiful images are created together with Ida mountain fir.

Streams: From the west; Tuzla Stream and Kara (Skamandros) Menderes Stream, from the north; Gönen Stream is born. From the major rivers in the peninsula with Karamenderes and Biga Creek which are small-scale resources that provide drinking water to surrounding villages and other settlements, are born from this mountain. Mount Ida or Ida Mountains is a mountain range located between ÇANAKKALE and Balıkesir in the north of the Edremit Gulf.

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